November 12, 2005

Light Tape...

The tape has landed... Not in time for our meeting yesterday morning, but in time for a weekend of exploration into this stuff. And let me say now it is truly amazing. Click on my page to discover more.

PLEASE NOTE: There was quite a bit of interest in the technology when I showed it yesterday and it would be cool if a few of us used it, but please DO NOT approach the company 'Elumin8', based in Dorset, UK as if more than one student contacted them there would be less of a chance of going as far with them (sponsorship etc). A concerted approach would be better! If you haven't got a contact of your own let me know as we can combine forces and present them with multiple individual projects to fund/sponsor, whatever.


November 03, 2005

Wave of the Future

For those of you who scoffed at the impracticality of my angler fish hat, check out the following link: It will soon be possible to incorporate flexible, light-emitting compounds onto clothing with ink jet printers. According to the link, you will also be able to fold your television screen like a newspaper! I'm not sure about the utility of that invention, however.