January 16, 2006

aesthetics recovery workshop

Term 2 kicked of with the ARW - short for the Aesthetics Recovery Workshop. In an attempt to bring back a bit of beauty into the world (and the unit) we launched this experiment in critical beauty. While not exactly a 100% effective - it did contribute to interesting developments within many of the students' projects - allowing deliberate decision making to become an integral part of the design process at times when students are often happy to let the design PROCESS to become the determining factor for the direction of their projects and portfolio. A few images of ARW results can be seen on the individual pages.

December 27, 2005

Toshio Iwai-Morphovision

Also this is light.
Here the light is changing and "deforming" the little house. Check out the link.

November 16, 2005


This month's issue of Frame has quite a few interesting projects in it you should all look at. One article in particular references the work of Es Devlin - a set designer in London who uses lighting effects and projections as set designs. p 74-81. Also briefly profiled are a set of lights by Bosung Kim who graduated last year from the RCA. I saw both of the lights at the end of year show - one of them is really very beautiful. With a simple pulley action the light collapses together and then turns itself inside-out to transfrom from downlight to uplight. p. 155. Check out p 56 - light installation by korban / flaubert.

November 08, 2005


here is the link to the website that where you can see the rules of the nature of light.

November 06, 2005

LED lights

New Philips LED lights at INHABITAT.

November 01, 2005

Purves & Purves

The image below follows on from a comment to Maciej's blog. I wasn't sure how you upload a picture onto a comments page so I uploaded it here instead. It's a light from Purves and Purves which reminded me of Maciej's model of reflecting light back to its source to create a volume of light.

Replying to MArtin's comment to PAtrick's entry of MAciej's blog on NAtasha's Inter3 site.

October 26, 2005

Super Patata Light

I mentioned this light with regards Francesca's programme - it is by Hector Serrano and formed from latex, salt and a compact fluorescent bulb.

He said of this light "I wanted to let the user control the intensity of the light just by touching it. As you squeeze the light, the bulb moves around in the salt, and gets brighter as it gets closer to the surface. That's what the product allows you to do - play with light."


October 16, 2005

Science and light ...

This is a rather technical site but has interesting information on using your camera as a light meter in a museum setting (with a discussion on the difference between reflected light and light falling on an object), and the effects of light on museum objects (of interest to Kevin?).


Maciej, I've had a look at the space-time video and agree it is a catchy explaination to the very basics of the theory Einstein formulated 100yrs ago. To superimpose your architectural ideas, sounds great and intriguing especially as physics is a science - proving a hypothesis, and architecture more of an art - proving an individual's design! Similar in a sense to Einstein trying to unify gravity and electromagnetism, something which is still trying to be unified. Physics holds some beautifully simple models and to use physics in a good way might take a little more reading(!) I still have all my old physics books and would be happy if you need a little help - one very good book which is more of a novel and is a must read to anyone interested is 'A Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawking. I'll bring it in on Tuesday...

October 12, 2005

Lighting Books

Hi guys,

I just wanted to tell you all that i checked out some books about lighting and i left them in the unit space. i left two behind the Orange chair on the table as you walk in. Incase you dont know the Unit Door Code,e-mail Natasha and she'll probibly send it out. Anyway, the books are really quite interesting, and I took one home with me that deals specifically with Gallery and museum lighting. Good stuff there too. If anyone wants to get a gander just let me know.

ALL THE BEST..see you guys Friday