March 17, 2006

V&A OnedotZero party

inspirational pictures as shown.

February 24, 2006

V&A late night tonight

I'm going to this tonight. Care to join me? It's free, it's in a gallery, it's dijji, it's moving.

24 February

Onedotzero Presents forms part of the Contemporary Programme's ongoing remit of linking contemporary practice to the V&A's historical collections through gallery based installations. Onedotzero are moving image and digital media pioneers who will work with the V&A to invite artists to respond to the Museum's galleries and collections using digital, audio and moving image media. The Friday Late will present a range of new and existing work to a general audience, and build upon the V&A's developing relationships with moving image, digital media and interaction designers and artists, initiated through exhibitions like Shhh…Sounds in Space (supported by Arts Council England, London in 2004) and Touch Me in 2005.

This Friday Late has two key objectives. The first is to promote current creative practice in a multidisciplinary and multicultural way. New work will be shown from a wide range of practitioners using digital media who are all known for pushing the boundaries of the genres in which they work and offering a true diversity of appeal. The Friday Late will also place digital art and design within a broad art and design narrative, suggesting links with the V&A's existing collections, rather than as a discrete art form. The second objective is to encourage new ways for the visitor to relate to digital media and the V&A's collections. This will allow the visitor to become aware of the range of stories that objects and spaces can tell, and enable them to realise that they can create their own responses to the objects around them.

October 24, 2005

British Museum Article

I had an email from Geoff Pickup, the guy I interviewed at the British Museum. He mentioned posting a relevant article on artificial lighting in galleries. Maybe of interest. I'll leave it in the unit space when I get my hands on it.

I'm still in the process of uploading the voice of the interview onto the web...

P.S. Please have a look at my page! would be interested for comments...


October 16, 2005

Science and light ...

This is a rather technical site but has interesting information on using your camera as a light meter in a museum setting (with a discussion on the difference between reflected light and light falling on an object), and the effects of light on museum objects (of interest to Kevin?).

October 13, 2005

Meeting @ British Museum

The meeting with the guy from the British Museum Department of Building and Estates is still in the pipeline for 10AM Fri morning. I've had an email from Kevin with a few questions, but if anybody else wants any questions answered, please email me with them tonight! I want to get as much info out of him in one hit. P.S. I will see if I can film the meeting so you guy's can listen in @ our tut.

October 12, 2005

H & de M's Walker Art Center

Here's a link to the Herzog and deMeuron Walker Art Center - which i mentioned briefly yesterday in relation to the way light is relfected / refracted across the surface. The skin is made of a expanded aluminium mesh panels that have been folded and stamped.

Also, some of you should visit the Gagosian Gallery before Friday. The architects are Caruso St John (who lectured at the AA last night) and will be part of the Round Table discussion this evening. It's on Britannia Streen in King's Cross.