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June 30, 2006

First Model In!!


The first model was hung this morning... And two model bases created and one screwed on. This is the best snap shot I have showing the overall view. Progress was slow today as we only had a few of us working on the exhibit, but it is still coming together well.

Thank you to Miho, Selina, Aseel and Kanto for helping out...

June 29, 2006

Cup Configuring


Francesca stitching

Kanto and Aseel

We had a great day putting 90% of the cups in place, and we're easily on schedule to get the exhibition done by Sunday night... THANK YOU TO MAceij, Miho, Aseel, Kevin, Sandra, Francesca and Kanto. At one point we had all eight of us working at the same time - made our neighbour, Oliver feel v jealous!!

June 28, 2006

False Ceiling and Painting


THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HELPED WITH PAINTING!!! Francesca, Martin, Kanto, Kevin and Selina

June 27, 2006

Cup Stitching


Today was a very chilled out day, finishing the new cups and the 2nd years cutting out their circular drawings...

June 26, 2006

Cup Building

Today was a cup building day. The 2nd years are preparing another 750 cups to add to the exisiting cups. Selina and Aseel decided to work from home, leaving Kanto, Miho (pictured) and myself to work in the AA...


June 23, 2006

Miho and cups

Miho doing a STELLA job in a sea of cups. She's taking a little rest here but the mass of cups on the left will be Franscesca's model stand and the cups to the right, her own - both put together in the last two days.


Exhibition construction is still in it's infancy and won't fully get to speed until we get on site - Tuesday night. But we're making a good start..........

Monia has also been slaving away at 1000's of images whcih will be stuck to the cup lids on glossy paper. Should look really good.

June 15, 2006

World Cup Fever

I got caught up in this World Cup frenzy. Look what I've done to Alfie.


June 10, 2006


Student: MAciej
Machine: CNC machine

Student: Martin
Machine: 20 hands and 800 cups

Student: Sandra
Machine: 20 hands and so much meters of paper

Student: Francesca
Machine: CNC machine

Student: Aseel
Machine: 2 hands and paper

Student: Kevin
Machine: CNC machine

Student: Patrick
Machine: STL machine

Student: Miho
Machine: 2 hands and paper

Student: Kanto
Machine: CNC and 2 hands

Student: Selina
Machine: 2 hands

June 03, 2006


just crazy