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posting frequency

Here's a quick update on everyone's individual blog-posting status.

main page _ 63
maciej _ 86
martin _ 85
patrick _ 60
miho _ 40
francesca _ 30
selina _ 29
aseel _ 30
kanto _ 25
sandra _ 25
kevin _ 21

I'll keep updating these...


Reading the AAinter3.net has been a great inspiration to me and motivated me to launch a similar blog site for the University of Bath architecture department. Reading inter3 students feedback on blog has been a great revelation, confirming a lot of hopes and worries that I anticipated. When direct communication is a great problem in architecture schools, i think blogs are a great way to solve the problem and it really does help to clarify what your design is communicating. But people can get a bit lazy sometimes and not blog, which I myself too fall into that catergory unfortunately. What i can say is what you guys are doing is pioneering, the blogging idea will be picked up by other architecture school very soon and i can tell you that there are lot more people in the public watching the blog than you think. Please visit us at bath20506.blogspot.com or email me at jn217@bath.ac.uk to give me some advises would be great, we only launched it yesterday so there is not much on it. We are only doing this on a volutary basis, and i firmly believe people who take blogging on will benefit hugely. I wouldnt force anyone to write online diaries but please believe that your work hasnt gone un-noticed.

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