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Passports + Tutorials

1. EVERYONE BRING YOUR PASSPORTS TOMORROW. You will all need to go to the Japan Center to buy Japan Rail tickets. They will cost approximately 149pounds. But if we don't buy them before leaving we will spend 4-5 times as much on train tickets when we are there. You will need your passports in order to purchase the rail tickets. I will be going down there around 1pm so if you want to go as a group - meet me @ AA and we'll head down together. (it's at piccadilly circus)

2. Tutorials in Building 37 Ground Floor Front
10:00 maciej
10:30 miho
11:00 selina
11:30 martin

3:00 patrick
3:30 kevin
4:00 kanto
4:30 francesca
5:00 aseel