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unit trip

hi everybody. I told my dad about the unit trip to Tokyo which made him quite excited. He was wondering if he could organise a workshop with us and other university students plus invited lighting designers from Japan for a day or so. The content is not specified yet but it will be about aesthetics of lighting design. What do you people think about this?


Nice. Especially good if we can access real designers / architects / manufacturers. I noticed, for example, that the manufacturer of Lovegroves flourescent lighting design is a Japanese company.

i think its a great idea! i wouldn't mind seeing other students approach to lighting. sounds exciting!

It's sound exciting!
I can take all of you guys some of very interesting lighting spots in Tokyo from historical places to modern buildings, including fancy areas too!
Let me involve in this plan!

Cool, workshops are always a good idea to get away from the tourist trails (and to mix up ideas etc.); would be fun...

Sounds like a great opportunity, count me in!

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