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Rhino Intro

Monia posted the entry below over on her page (check it frequently for updates) - but i wanted to repost it here so you all see it and check some of the links out before Friday. Also please make sure you all have Rhino installed before the workshop.

Friday we are going to start the first tutorial in Rhino, for some of you who may not know Rhino, in your spare time you can take a look at this website.
This is the Rhino website http://www.rhino3d.com/

Here you can find the first 20 video tutorials from a dvd, they are for beginners, pretty simple and direct, but if you have never seen the Rhino interface, give it a try.

Also here you can find some tutorials, in case you need them in the future http://www.rhino3d.com/tutorials.htm

If you want other Rhino links, you can use this

If you are an advanced user of Rhino, or if you are curious to see what you can do with Rhino, these are some links

See you on Friday, if you find other interesting links, feel free to update me