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H & de M's Walker Art Center

Here's a link to the Herzog and deMeuron Walker Art Center - which i mentioned briefly yesterday in relation to the way light is relfected / refracted across the surface. The skin is made of a expanded aluminium mesh panels that have been folded and stamped.

Also, some of you should visit the Gagosian Gallery before Friday. The architects are Caruso St John (who lectured at the AA last night) and will be part of the Round Table discussion this evening. It's on Britannia Streen in King's Cross.


Hi, Natasha and everyone! This is my first comment for this blog.
I have never been to Herzog and deMeuron Walker Art Center, but I have ever been to similar tipe of achitecture of them, forum 2000 in Barcelona. It was impressive surface as if wrapped by kitchen foil.

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